RENNtech is proud to announce the official release of the carbon fiber aerodynamics program for the 212 – E 63 AMG FaceLift (MY2014+) Sedan and Wagon.

The Line-Up includes the carbon fiber front splitter with intergraded air ducts, priced at $2,950. The front splitter fits the E 63 AMG sedan and wagon. A carbon fiber rear deck-lid spoiler for all W212 – E Class Sedan models, beginning with MY2010, priced at $1,480. As well as a carbon fiber tailgate spoiler for all S212 – E Class Wagon models, beginning with MY 2012, priced at $1,640. Completing the program is the carbon fiber rear diffuser for the S212 – E 63 AMG FaceLift (MY2014+) Wagon, priced at $3,380. The carbon fiber rear diffuser includes our integrated CMC – Ceramic Matrix Composite exhaust tips.

CMC exhaust tips are manufactured at over 2500°F to resist high exhaust temperatures. All RENNtech aero products are manufactured of 100% Pre-Preg carbon fiber, to meet the highest OEM quality and fitment standards. What sets RENNtech at the top is the quality of the products. Large amounts of 3D scanning, designing, and prototyping were used to develop these products. RENNtech takes pride in all of the products it releases to it’s clients.

renntech_carbon_fiber_splitter_212_e_63_001_focus_motorsports renntech_carbon_fiber_splitter_212_e_63_003_focus_motorsportsrenntech_carbon_fiber_splitter_212_e_63_002_focus_motorsports renntech_carbon_fiber_diffuser_212_e_63_wagon_004_focus_motorsports renntech_carbon_fiber_diffuser_212_e_63_wagon_003_focus_motorsports renntech_carbon_fiber_diffuser_212_e_63_wagon_002_focus_motorsports Renntech-Vossen-Wagon-9 Renntech-Vossen-Wagon-8 Renntech-Vossen-Wagon-10 Renntech-Vossen-Wagon-5

Pictures by William Stern

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Focus Motorsports is the Authorized Dealer in Southern California for RENNtech Mercedes-Benz Enhancements. RENNtech’s entire line of performance products including Carbon Fiber Aero, Lowering Modules, Intakes, Exhausts, Turbocharger Upgrades, ECU Upgrades and more.